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On July 30th, 2023, Lok Sabha Speaker, Mr. Om Birla, inaugurated the newly constructed building that will serve as the residence for the Assam Legislative Assembly. The event was attended by members of the house and various dignitaries. The establishment of this structure was a long-awaited necessity due to the consistent growth of the Assam Legislature over the years, leading to a lack of suitable accommodations for its expanding number of MLAs. The construction process, spanning over a decade, overcame numerous obstacles to reach completion.

Throughout its history, the Assam Legislative Assembly has undergone periods of amalgamation, division, contraction, and expansion. Despite these challenges, the legislature has remained steadfast in its commitment to extending democratic values across the Northeastern States of India. In the midst of regional turmoil, it has consistently operated in various forms. Its inception on April 7th, 1937, within the Assembly chambers of Shillong, began with a membership of 108 individuals. However, post-partition, Assam’s seat count was reduced to 71 as the district of Sylhet was ceded to East Pakistan. In subsequent years, the seat count was restored to 108.

The period of Reorganization led to Assam’s division into multiple states. Eventually, stability emerged, and in 1972, Assam relocated its capital to Dispur, Guwahati. This relocation bolstered the Assembly’s functioning, and today, it comprises 126 members. The construction of this new Legislative Assembly serves to reinforce democratic principles, as it has historically played a pivotal role in the state’s socio-economic, academic, and cultural advancement. Its contributions have touched all segments of the state’s populace.

The contemporary structure is equipped with state-of-the-art features, including e-Vidhan technology, audio-visual systems, and advanced information networks. Notably, it houses dedicated office spaces for the Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Chief Minister, Ministers, and MLAs. The complex also boasts a conference hall and various meeting rooms. The Chief Minister emphasized that this architectural marvel symbolizes the progressive and self-assured spirit of Assam.

The newly constructed Assembly Building is destined to become an iconic landmark. Merging classical and ethnic artistic elements, it represents a fusion of contemporary and traditional design philosophies. Each room within the building reflects Assam’s vibrant cultural heritage. The Chief Minister further underscored the Assembly’s distinguished history, enriched by the presence of notable figures such as Bharat Ratna Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi.

Ultimately, this new facility will not only provide accommodations for Legislative Assembly members but also inspire the troubled neighboring regions. It will encourage leaders and citizens to contribute toward fostering a space imbued with democratic values, ensuring that future generations will cherish the stability and freedom guaranteed by such institutions.

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