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My Visionary Father

As a child studying in Venkatraoji Kulkarni's  cowshed cum makeshift school, Vishwanath grew up by praying for good intellect, pure and pious thoughts and goodwill for others. He was such a brilliant student that the schooling that would normally take about 4 years, Vishwanath completed in just two and a half years. His intellect was indeed beautifully moulded by his Varkari father. Shri Dadarao Karad and motherly sister Prayagakka Karad nurtured the values of humanity and life in young Vishwanath through their simple and humanitarian and
transparent living.

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He did his early schooling in the Boarding School at Madha, 150 to 200 km away from Rameshwar. At the early age of 9 years little Vishwanath learnt persistence imbibed in him by his father and gained strength to face all odds. After sixth standard he went to the Silver jubilee High School, Barshi for his education till matriculation. Then with an intent to respect his father's ways of becoming an IAS oicer, he went to Dayanand College for seeking admission to Arts. A turning point came in the form of professor Mr Godbole sir who counselled him to get admitted to Science as he had scored good marks in science and mathematics. He told Vishwanath that even after science degree he could become an IAS oicer. Indeed it was because of Mr Godbole sir that the journey of scienceeducation leading to the engineering education actualized.

Eyes brimming with confidence and the strength of purpose, Vishwanath Karad during his Engineering College

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