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Rashtriya Sarpanch Sansad

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The year 2018 saw Rahul venturing into a territory which otherwise would not attract the fancy of anyone. His vision that the actual growth of any country lies in its hinterlands prompted him to bring Village leaders from Maharashtra (Sarpanch's) under one roof. This led to the organising of the first MIT Maharashtra Sarpanch Sansad. 

It is a unique initiative to bring Sarpanchs, Government, Media and Experts for Vision of Rural Development. Sarpanchs are key oicials between Center, State Government and Villagers. As per a new Act Sarpanch are elected directly from Voters. Continuous trainings are necessary for empowering Sarpanch, which is the main objective of the Maharashtra Sarpanch Sansad. 

The Sansad aspires to create Model Villages at every Taluka (Block) level. These Model Developed Villages would be on the lines of decentralization of power and Rural Empowerment as proposed by Mahatma Gandhi. These villages will in turn act as Role Models for growth of other less developed villages in the vicinity.

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