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Bharat Asmita National Awards


It was in the same year 2005 that Rahul launched the Bharat Asmita National Award (BANA) in order to inspire many a generation of management gurus, people involved in mass awakening and people in the forefront of Indian
Parliamentary Practices for their meaningful contribution in the process of Nation Building. 

It is regarded as one of the highly prestigious awards of the country and has augmented manifold in terms of reputation and stature.

Every year the BANA committee invites more than 15,000 nominations from all sections of the society, which include members of the Union & State cabinets, Members of Parliament, Legislative assemblies & Councils of dierent states, Bureaucrats, Judiciary & Media, Teachers of management Institutions, Film & entertainment fraternity, Writers, NGOs amongst others. 
Navin Jindal, Rajdeep Sardesai, Prof Shekhar Chaudhari, Ashutosh Gowarikarand Mallika Sarabhai have received the BANA earlier in various categories.


Award Ceremony

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