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The General Elections of 2004 in India witnessed a large number of highly educated enthusiastic youngsters, who were brimming with energy and confidence, becoming Members of Parliament. The wise electorate of the
country signalled to the political machinery that it was ready to stand by a younger and smarter breed of politicians. India is witness to several youth movements that have happened in the country. With a strong interest to pioneer a change in the political & social arena with a
defined perspective, and to inspire the next generation to embark on a path of taking on the mantle of Indian Political Leadership, Rahul organized a seminar under the theme “INDIA, THE SUPER POWER - VISION 2040”. The freshly
elected young parliamentarians attended the seminar to share their vision forIndia. 


Rahul did not stop at this. He sensed that the youth In India tend to harbor negativity and cynicism and prefer to remain isolated from political and democratic establishments. Their rising aloofness and apathy pose a challenge to the vibrancy of our democracy and so the creation of an environment so that educated youth participate in democratic polity was a
crying necessity. He firmly believed that transparent and accountable governance can come through only spirited, educated and trained young men and women but the foremost challenge before him was to try and rebuild their eroded trust in our political and democratic system.
The thought of blazing a new direction and creating a path for educated, capable and deserving youngsters to pursue a career in politics thus sowed the seeds for the formation of MIT School of Government (MIT SOG) in 2005. It is the first institute of its kind in the country and the Asian subcontinent to offer a One Year Full Time Master's Program in Government. This initiative, while won accolades for Rahul, also brought criticism from certain quarters which chided him that his move would not bear any fruit. Today, over 400 students who have passed out from this institution are placed in various political parties in different capacities.

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