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Rahul V Karad, President, MAEER

The 1980s saw a revolution happening in Maharashtra's education sector. Sensing the need for more number of seats for students opting for engineering, Prof. Dr. Vishwanath D. Karad, who was then working as a Professor at College of Engineering, Pune, pioneered the cause of private education and on August 5, 1983, started MIT, the first private engineering college in the state.

It was sheer kind cooperation of many that they saw Dr Karad's struggle and dedication and came forward to help out in the formative days, some by sharing classrooms and some by giving oice space. Today, MIT is synonymous with value-based education and is one of the most respected higher educational institutions in the country.  Over several years Dr Karad remained devoted on creating an institution of high calibre yet not digressing from the characteristic spirit of holistic education thus creating a legacy.
While MIT was reaching echelons in providing path-breaking education for engineering, in 2000, his son Rahul V. Karad formally joined the MIT Group of Institutions as President and Trustee and inherited vision and mission of his visionary academician father. 

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